Filbert’s Soda

During the 1900’s, George Filbert, his wife and their young son, Charlie, could be seen on a horse-drawn wagon in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood delivering bottles of milk to stores and homes.  It wasn’t until the height of prohibition that Filbert’s began making Root Beer.

George’s son, Charlie who had a love of Root Beer created a recipe that was distinct from other Chicago area bottlers.  In 1926 he started making his own “draft style” Root Beer soda.

Since so many establishments had barrel dispensing equipment, it was manufactured in half barrels and supplied mainly to taverns and restaurants.  In fact, during the 1940’s, Filbert’s was supplying thousands of half barrels of Root Beer to customers across the Midwest.  Now 90 years later, Ron Filbert, the fourth generation Filbert, continues to make his family’s famous Root Beer in the same Bridgeport neighborhood where his Great-Grandfather started it all back in 1926.

Using the same old world hand crafted batch process, Filbert’s makes 29 wonderful flavors of soda in addition to their famous Root Beer.