Reed City Brewing Company

“Small Town, Big Beer”. Reed City Brewery offers style-defining favorites, experimental one-offs, and even customer requests. Never shying away from a challenge, one of our most popular beers was created as a result of a request on opening day. The PB Porter, a deliciously rich porter with a generous addition of peanuts, quickly became a customer favorite.  We’ve earned our slogan - "Small Town - Big Beer" - with hits like our US 10.2 Imperial IPA and Dark Stranger Double Rye. As the name suggest, RCBC is located in the heart of downtown Reed City. This family owned and run business has quickly become a corner stone of their community and a destination for beer connoisseurs.
Anheuser Busch

Anheuser Busch

The subsidiary of Parent Company Anheuser-Busch InBev, Anheuser-Busch is operated out of St. Louis, Missouri just as it has been since the early 1870’s. For over 130 years Anheuser Busch has been producing and selling the worlds most consumed beers. Supported by a large portfolio of beers including the planets best selling light and full flavored brews, Bud Light and Budweiser, the company has grown into the world’s largest brewer and into the top five consumer goods on earth. Its brands are brewed at any one of the twelve breweries the company operates across the United States, and are proudly distributed by nearly 600 independent wholesalers.

Goose Island

Living on the shores of the earth’s largest supply of fresh water, one might be inspired to great things. In 1988 that’s exactly what Chicago’s resident John Hall did. Hall incorporated Goose Island Brewpub and opened a bottling plant a few short years after. Producing a wide variety of beers delighted by the locals, Goose Island quickly caught the eye of Anheuser Busch and in 2011 were acquired by the domestic beer giant. Now Goose Island is distributed in all 50 states and across the globe. Goose Island's home headquarters remains in Chicago and pays homage to its roots with their production of 312 Urban Wheat Ale named for the local area code.
New Belgium

New Belgium

Riding into Michigan in late 2012 on two fat tires, the Nation’s third largest brewer, New Belgium Brewing Company, was a greatly anticipated event. The employee owned, powered company who calls home Fort Collins, Colorado will continue impact the craft industry for years to come. Pedaled by its powerhouse Fat Tire, NBB has transpired from a love story involving a bicycling man going through Belgium and returning home with a recipe for what would become quite possibly the country’s most sought after amber ale, Fat Tire. The brakes are not applied there but continue with numerous other core brands and rotating seasonals that have propelled NBB to such a highly sought after brand. With the introduction of the company’s Lips of Faith (LOF) series, New Belgium will continue to intrigue and infatuate customers for years to come.

Elysian Brewing Company

Three-time Large Brewpub of the Year at the Great American Beer Festival, Elysian Brewing Company operates four neighborhood restaurants and a production brewery in Seattle, Washington. Known both for classic styles and for flexibility and innovation, Elysian has brewed over 350 different recipes since opening in 1996.

10 Barrel Brewing

10 Barrel Brewing started a production brewery in Bend, Oregon in 2006.  In 2009 they expanded and started distribution in Portland, Oregon.  After many years of great expanse in 2014 they partnered up with Anheuser-Busch, becoming a member of The High End and their family of craft brands.  Still to this day 10 Barrel Brewing continues to expand their brand and their presence through out the U.S.

Golden Road Brewing

In 2011, beer enthusiasts Meg Gill and Tony Yanow founded Golden Road Brewing to bring fresh beer to the local market in the most sustainable way possible. In 2015, we proudly partnered with Anheuser-Busch giving us the ability to continue to grow and bring our beers to more fans. Golden Road is committed to engaging and supporting the growing community of socially-minded beer enthusiasts. Brewed and canned in California, Golden Road’s year-round offerings include Wolf Pup Session IPA, Point the Way IPA, Golden Road Hefeweizen, Get Up Offa That Brown and Wolf Among Weeds IPA. Along with the core beers, Golden Road brewers are constantly experimenting with the freshest ingredients through a collection of rotating, seasonal and limited-edition brews.
Shiner bock

Shiner Bock

Spoetzl Brewery’s line of Shiner beers shares its name with the town of Shiner, Texas. Founded in 1909, this company has weathered the storm for over 100 years. Texas’ oldest brewery has only 85 employees yet has become one of the top five craft breweries in the United States. Supported by the success of its leading offering, Shiner Bock, the company’s products are available in 47 states.  They are owned by family-owned Gambrinus Company.

Kona Brewing Co.

Kona Brewing Company is a brewery in Kailua-Kona on Hawaii's Big Island. Now owned by Craft Brew Alliance and distributing in 36 states and 10 countries, Kona Brewing Company was started in the spring of 1994 by father and son team Cameron Healy and Spoon Khalsa.  Originally from Oregon, the pair saw a need to create fresh, locally made brews with the same spirit and passion for quality that existed in the Pacific Northwest.  They introduced Pacific Golden Ale (now called Big Wave Golden Ale) and Fire Rock Pale Ale to Hawaii in bottles and kegs in 1995 with Longboard Island Lager added three years later.  Approximately 10 other styles of beer are brewed on a regular basis and served at Kona Brewing Company’s pubs with a few being served in other restaurants all over the islands.  They also have three rotating seasonal brews in their Aloha Series including Koko Brown, Wailua Wheat and Pipeline Porter.
Red Hook

Red Hook

Redhook Ale Brewery is headquarted in Seattle, Washington and had beginnings along the lines of many other craft breweries, whose love for home brewing was grown into a full-fledged brewing operation one perfected beer at a time. 27 years after being founded, Redhook became part of Craft Brew Alliance and the United States' 9th largest brewery. Even with Redhook’s success, the passion has not been lost in crafting world class beers, which is evident with one sip of their light bodied Copperhook Ale which is almost synonymous when it’s time to hit the favorite fishing hole with your buddies.


Widmer Brothers Brewery was founded by the Widmer brothers Kurt and Robert in Portland, Oregon during the fall of 1984. Since their foundation, Widmer Brothers have rose to one of the top 5 craft breweries in the nation without losing their attention to detail of their finely crafted beers. Widmer's cloudy unfiltered Hefeweizen continues to be a year round favorite among the craft beer enthusiast. In 2008, Widmer joined forces with Red Hook Brewery creating Craft Brew Alliance, Inc. and became the 9th largest brewer in the US.

Oskar Blues Brewery

The original craft beer in a can.  In 2002, our funky little Colorado grown brew-pub started stuffing our huge, voluminously hopped mutha of a pale ale in a can (Dale’s Pale Ale). That not only began the craft-beer-in-a-can craze, but has grown to add a brewery to the hills of Pisgah National Forest in Brevard, NC and another in the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin, TX, in 2016. Cans keep beer fresher, longer by eliminating the damaging effects of light and ingressed oxygen while being infinitely recyclable and portable…taking them where your next soul saving adventure takes you.

Cigar City Brewing

In a state known for theme parks, Cigar City Brewing has become a major attraction for those who appreciate and seek out excellent beer. It opened with a flourish and spread its reach quickly, appealing to both hardened beer geeks and brew novices with eyebrow-raising flavors and commitment to quality. Capitalizing on the Latin culture and tobacco-manufacturing history of Tampa Bay, Cigar City highlights those strengths on its labels and in its beer names and recipes. Many of the beers it produces – Jai Alai IPA, Improv Oatmeal Rye India-Style Brown Ale, Cubano-Style Espresso Brown Ale – reflect the sensibilities and ingredients of Florida.


Opening in late 2012, Perrin has become the second largest brewer in Grand Rapids, Michigan and one of the largest craft beer brewers in the state. With products ranging from light golden bodied brews to dark chocolate stouts, Perrin is sure to suit your needs. Perrin is a very innovative company in the craft brewery market who will be sure to push the envelope for the next big thing in micro-brewing to include being one of the first craft brewers to bring craft seltzers to market. Perrin belongs to the CANarchy collective.  The portfolio of craft breweries includes Oskar Blues Brewery, Perrin Brewing Company, Cigar City Brewing, Squatters Craft Beers and Wasatch Brewery, Deep Ellum Brewing Company and Three Weavers Brewing Company. Look for Perrin, Oskar Blues and Cigar City in our market.

Mountain Town Brewing Co.

Formed in 2007 using the successful beer recipes of the Mountain Town Station brew pub, Mountain Town Brewing Co. set up a production and bottling facility in Mt. Pleasant, MI. The brewery is know for their intensely flavorful beers with just the right amount of malt, hop, spice, and other complex tones.  The quality of these hand-crafted beers is evident upon the first taste. With many different styles of train themed brews, you’re sure to find one that suits your taste. Mountain Town opened a new brewery and tap room in 2019 at the Summit Smokehouse and Tap Room.

Roak Brewing Co.

Roak was founded in June 2015 in family and that is the kind of culture we are committed to creating in the brewhouse and in the community around us.  Royal Oak, Michigan is our home and Detroit is our neighborhood.  We want to be good neighbors and as asset to the community we live in and sell our beers.  Roak is a 30 barrel brewhouse and taproom that is dedicated to quality, creativity, and fun.  Like our logo all of us at Roak have a passion that burns inside of us to bring our consumers the best beer we possibly can.  From our artist-designed taproom and label art to our special releases and core beers, we try to capture a spark of creativity in everything we do while bringing our customers the best beers.

Petoskey Brewing Co.

Petoskey Brewing Co. today is located in the building known as the “Old Brewery” that was first completed in 1898 and was used to brew Petoskey Sparkle beer until 1915.  It wasn’t until 2012, under the new ownership of and complete renovation by Patrick Dowd and Lou Gostinger, that beer once again flowed within the walls of the “Old Brewery”.  Petoskey Brewing Co.'s flagship brands include Horny Monk - Belgian Dubbel, Mind's Eye P.A. - I.P.A., Sparkle - American Lager, and North 45 - Amber Ale.  The brewers have the artistic ability to create unique beers such as Peanut Butter Cup Porter, Mint Chocula Peppermint Chocolate Stout, and Love Grenade India Pale Lager.
Rochester Mills

Rochester Mills

Located in downtown Rochester, MI in historic Knitting Mill, the Rochester Mills Beer Co. was founded in 1998. One look at the historic preservation of the company’s current location and you’ll see this is a company who prides itself in history and detail. There can be no better attributes for a craft beer company who cans and kegs its own products. Those qualities are immediately brought to attention when you sample their exquisite beers; brews of that caliber could not be produced without precise attention to detail.

Stormcloud Brewing

Located just 2 blocks from Lake Michigan this small brewery crafts world class traditional Belgian-style ales as well as top notch IPA’s.  Stormcloud received a Bronze Medal at the 2014 Great American Beer Fest for their Rainmaker Ale, a Belgian-style Pale Ale.  They also craft a host of Belgo-American and special styles while dabbling with meads and ciders.  Stormcloud celebrates all that’s good about life in a small town on the edge of a large lake in Northern Michigan.  Warm summer days, blustery winter nights and walks on the beach either way.  Stormcloud is Belgian inspired, Michigan made.

Brewery Terra Firma

Brewery Terra Firma began brewing operations in May of 2013, with the taproom opening to the public in July of the same year.  Through the integration of sustainable production methods, environmentally conscious waste management and innovative water recycling/reclamation techniques, they hope to become a model for breweries and agricultural destinations throughout the nation.  The brew house is an engineered mix of new and old technologies and techniques.  Whole ingredients are used with traditional brewing equipment which is controlled by state of the art systems that manage temperature, water, and waste throughout the brewing process. Whole foods, fresh frozen or dried are used; artificial flavorings, extracts and coloring agents are not.  The beer is unfiltered, its clarity being attained by the addition of natural clarifying agents and allowing ample time for the beer to condition.

Unruly Brewing Co.

Their mission: To provide awesome hand crafted beers in a one of a kind atmosphere that blends our attitude and love for beer, art, and music all within a fully restored historic building from the 1890’s.  They have unique and flavorful creations that they can not wait to share with you, like "Mad Cacao Disease", their Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout, "Punk N Rock", their Pumpkin ale brewed with 90lbs of real pumpkin & spiced with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg & vanilla, and their IPA, "The Milkman", that uses only 2-row malt, flaked oats, and lactose which allows the Citra and Centennial hops shine through while the lactose creates a mild sweetness on the palette.  Joining other Michigan brewers in crafting flavor-filled aromatic craft beer that Michigan is famous for, they hope that it will help put their hometown of Muskegon on the craft beer map soon.

Austin Brothers Beer Company

Established in 2015, the Austin Brothers Beer Company specializes in American Ales creating a diverse beer portfolio that provides beer selections for introductory craft beers drinkers and craft beer enthusiasts alike.  With the owners originally form Southern California this Alpena, Michigan based family owned and operated production microbrewery is bringing a West Coast flair to the Michigan craft beer scene offering core brands available in package and draft options including popular choices: Woody Wheat, 45er IPA, Mile Route Stout, as well as many other seasonal and specialty draft options.


After dreaming of opening a brewery for many years, Jim Schwerin finally fulfilled his dream in late 2004 opening Schmohz Brewing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Schmohz is currently in the beginning phases of bottling. They offer a unique “variety six pack” of their delicious beers in cartoon-like packaging, which is sure to please the most avid craft beer consumer. Also offered are premium bottled sodas, currently available in root beer and black cherry flavors.


Being the United States first imported beer, Heineken has enjoyed being the #1 import beer since the 1880’s. Along with other portfolio brands including Heineken Light and Amstel, Heineken Inc. has been introducing Americans to European styled brew from its signature short green bottle adoring the ever present red star. Also in Heineken’s portfolio is a non-alcoholic brew by the name of Buckler, which has become one of the best-selling premium NA’s on the market.
St Pauli Girl

St. Pauli Girl

A German based beer brewed only for export and not sold Germany. With an artistic depiction of a 19th century German waitress and brewed according to Reinhitsgebot (German Purity Law), St. Pauli Girl beers have found themselves a distinct place among imports to the US. St. Pauli is only available in three styles which are the original, a dark, and a non-alcoholic version.

Virtue Cider

Gregory Hall founded Virtue Cider in 2011. He is known for his 20-year tenure as brewmaster at the Goose Island Beer Company, having won 14 consecutive Great American Beer Festival medals and pioneered bourbon barrel-aged beer with Bourbon County Stout. In the spring of 2011, Hall left Goose Island and embarked on a two-month pilgrimage to study the craft of cider, touring and tasting at top cidermakers in England and France. He brought his extensive experience and innovative style to launch Virtue Cider. In 2013, Hall brought the cider making venture as close as possible to one of the United States' best apple-growing states of Michigan and launched Virtue Cider in Fennville, Michigan.

Blakes Hard Cider

Busy turning hard work into hard cider, Blakes Hard Cider was born and is Brewed in Armada, Michigan.  Blakes hosts 69 years of apple growing experience over multiple generations, their orchards feature 45,600 apple trees and 42 apple varieties to create 19 types of hard cider.   El Chavo, part of Blakes original label series is far from original using a sweet, heated blend of habanero pepper, mango, and Blake's famous apples, this hard cider is sure to spice things up.  Their other original label also include Flannel Mouth, Catawampus, and Beard Bender.  The cidery has a host of seasonal and signature series labels for every cider lover.  Blakes motto and tradition is hard cider for easy living.

Ridge Cider Co.

With the "craft alcohol" industry rising in Michigan, we've been inspired to create a hard cider experience that transcends anything you've had before.  Every cider we create is crafted with one goal: to pleasantly surprise you with it's genuine but unique flavor.  We're always coming up with new ingredients and incredible tastes - all born of the earth and all combined artfully.  Started in 2014 by Co-Owners Bruce Rasch and Matt Delong, Ridge Cider has become a sought after Western Michigan Cidery.  We produce high-quality hard apple cider here in Michigan, using apples that we grow right here on the "ridge."  Most of our orchards can be found west of Sparta between 10 mile and 14 mile.  The area is so named for its extensive agricultural activity, it is considered to be a "fruit agricultural mecca" as its unique features make it one of the prime fruit-growing regions in the world.  Come see why you've never had hard cider like ours before.


Segram's offers a wide variety of wine cooler favors that are most often available in either 4pk glass bottles or, for the variety lover, a 12 count multi-pack containing four of their crisp, refreshing flavors. Whether a hot summer day or a cool fall evening, Segram's wine coolers will sure to have a tropical flavor to quench your thirst.
Four Loko

Four Loko

Four Loko produces a multitude of can filled 23.5oz malt beverage flavors with ABV’s ranging from 6% up to 12%. With energizing graphics and bright bold colors, Four Loko is sure to stand out among the very populated single serve category.

Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer

America's first spiked seltzer was created by Nick Shields: Nick’s great-great-grandfather, Rudolph Haffenreffer, founded Boston’s Haffenreffer Brewery in 1870. As a 5th-generation brewer, Nick always knew he would eventually return to the family business of brewing. His goal? To create a new kind of beverage by combining disciplines of brewing, winemaking, and natural flavors. After refining nearly 100 batches, SpikedSeltzer was born. Dave Holmes: After several years in the financial industry in New York, Dave decided to venture in search of opportunities to build businesses from the ground up. Dave has followed the evolution of his long-time friend’s creation since the very first batch. He jumped at the opportunity to help take SpikedSeltzer to market.
Arizona Tea Company

Arizona Tea Company

Unlike the name suggests, Arizona Tea Company is a privately held company based out of Long Island, New York.  They produce a wide array of flavored teas and juices commonly packaged in 23oz aluminum cans, but also available in a re-sealable 20oz bottle or a 1 gallon plastic jug. All of Arizona’s nonalcoholic tea and juice beverages are gluten free and, with the exception of Grapeade, all are O.U. certified kosher and par eve as well. With the success of the company’s most recognized line, Arnold Palmer Iced Tea, Arizona used the name sake to launch itself into the world of adult alcoholic beverages. In late 2011 Arnold Palmer Hard was introduced, having a 5% ABV and bearing the unmistakable image of the man whose name graces the package. Arizona has created a product line that can satisfy the taste of most any consumer.


It's more than tea.  It's more than fruit.  It's more than botanicals.  Born out of our tea masters' curiosity, it's something total new.  And it all adds up to iced tea like never before.  Teavana's six bottled craft iced teas are a family of expertly blended iced teas, crafted from the finest teas and botanicals and premium, natural fruit flavors.  With just the right amount of sweetness, Teavana Craft Iced Teas are filled with vibrant flavor in each refreshing sip.

Hiball & Alta Palla

It's no coincidence that our product is a reflection of our team and our company mission.  Good energy is always at our center.  We were founded with the core beliefs of working hard, never settling, and always bringing good vibes.  We use organic and fair trade ingredients whenever possible.  This is empowering for the farmers who cultivate them, more sustainable for the planet, and better for you. While the journey has taken many turns, our mission has remained the same.  We continue to aspire to reach an expanding audience of people who feel the same way we do about quality ingredients.  Hiball's line of sparkling energy waters continue to drive the company forward.  As #1 natural/organic energy drink brand in the USA, Hiball has evolved to include an array of products: Organic Energy Drinks and Alta Palla (Italian for "Hiball") a line of refreshing Organic Sparkling Juices and Sparkling waters, without any energy.

Strike Force Energy

What do you do when a Navy SEAL asks you for a refreshing drink? If you value your life you give him what he wants. That’s what happened when a friend of ours returned from overseas and stopped by our plant. According to him, the Military runs on caffeine and water, and the water in theatre is less than great. The team of flavor junkies at Strike Force heard him loud and clear and we honored him with the name of his choice. And Strike Force was born.

Filbert’s Soda

During the 1900's, George Filbert, his wife and their young son, Charlie, could be seen on a horse-drawn wagon in Chicago's Bridgeport neighborhood delivering bottles of milk to stores and homes.  It wasn't until the height of prohibition that Filbert's began making Root Beer. George's son, Charlie who had a love of Root Beer created a recipe that was distinct from other Chicago area bottlers.  In 1926 he started making his own "draft style" Root Beer soda. Since so many establishments had barrel dispensing equipment, it was manufactured in half barrels and supplied mainly to taverns and restaurants.  In fact, during the 1940's, Filbert's was supplying thousands of half barrels of Root Beer to customers across the Midwest.  Now 90 years later, Ron Filbert, the fourth generation Filbert, continues to make his family's famous Root Beer in the same Bridgeport neighborhood where his Great-Grandfather started it all back in 1926. Using the same old world hand crafted batch process, Filbert's makes 29 wonderful flavors of soda in addition to their famous Root Beer.


Swirl is brought to you by United Brands with a stated mission to reinvigorate the flavored malt beverage category with new innovative brands and proprietary brewing technologies to bring you the highest quality products and best value. We pride ourselves on leading the way to success with innovative new styles designed to move the beverage industry forward into the future.

Big Hart Brewing Company

The mission of Big Hart Brewing Company is to provide the best beer, the finest in fresh local food and excellent service. They have committed themselves to showcasing the bounty of Hart and Oceana County in their beverages and cuisine. BHBC has incorporated their location of Hart, Michigan and close proximity to the famous Silver Lake Sand Dunes in the naming of their beers. Test Hill IPA and Screeching Sands are perfect refreshments after cruising across the dunes of Lake Michigan. While a pint of Fleming’s Field Cider or Electric Hart Belgian Brown will inspire conversation of local life. BHBC has bloomed from a family labor of love into a pillar of the community producing tasty beers you surely do not want to miss.

Creston Brewery

Creston Brewery opened its doors in 2016, in the Creston Business District of Grand Rapids Michigan.  Started by an eclectic group of individuals committed to working together to support their local community and delight people with their tasty brewed creations. Rooted in a commitment to creativity and the importance of the brewing process, you can expect a wide variety of aromatic, floral and spicy ales as well as complex sessionable beers from Creston.  Besides becoming business owners in the Creston Business District, the co-founders have planted trees in neighborhood parks and played roles in volunteer opportunities with Friends of Grand Rapids Parks.  The co-founders also have backgrounds and passion for music and want to create a space where patrons can dance and enjoy their neighbor’s company.  “We hope to be a place where people feel comfortable and relaxed enough to be themselves while also experiencing something new. That may be a new brew, a new flavor of food, a new song, a funky piece of art on the wall, or just meeting someone they may otherwise would never have met.  Our focus is small because even the smallest things matter.”

North Channel Brewing Company

North Channel Brewing is an ode to the fascinating history of it’s’ hometown. NBC attempts to weave Manistee’s story into everything that they do including paying homage to their hometown’s nautical and industrial beginnings with offerings including, Cap’n Piles Pilsner, Salt City Blonde and Drawbridge IPA. North Channel Brewing is located in the historic North Channel Building on Washington Avenue in Downtown Manistee. Situated right next to the Manistee River and the drawbridge, it’s the perfect setting to enjoy one of our many craft beers while taking in the views of Downtown Manistee, the bridge, and the occasional freighter passing through.

Reed City Brewing Company

“Small Town, Big Beer”. Reed City Brewery offers style-defining favorites, experimental one-offs, and even customer requests. Never shying away from a challenge, one of our most popular beers was created as a result of a request on opening day. The PB Porter, a deliciously rich porter with a generous addition of peanuts, quickly became a customer favorite.  We’ve earned our slogan - "Small Town - Big Beer" - with hits like our US 10.2 Imperial IPA and Dark Stranger Double Rye. As the name suggest, RCBC is located in the heart of downtown Reed City. This family owned and run business has quickly become a corner stone of their community and a destination for beer connoisseurs.