Creston Brewery

Creston Brewery opened its doors in 2016, in the Creston Business District of Grand Rapids Michigan.  Started by an eclectic group of individuals committed to working together to support their local community and delight people with their tasty brewed creations. Rooted in a commitment to creativity and the importance of the brewing process, you can expect a wide variety of aromatic, floral and spicy ales as well as complex sessionable beers from Creston.  Besides becoming business owners in the Creston Business District, the co-founders have planted trees in neighborhood parks and played roles in volunteer opportunities with Friends of Grand Rapids Parks.  The co-founders also have backgrounds and passion for music and want to create a space where patrons can dance and enjoy their neighbor’s company.  “We hope to be a place where people feel comfortable and relaxed enough to be themselves while also experiencing something new. That may be a new brew, a new flavor of food, a new song, a funky piece of art on the wall, or just meeting someone they may otherwise would never have met.  Our focus is small because even the smallest things matter.”