Hiball & Alta Palla

It’s no coincidence that our product is a reflection of our team and our company mission.  Good energy is always at our center.  We were founded with the core beliefs of working hard, never settling, and always bringing good vibes.  We use organic and fair trade ingredients whenever possible.  This is empowering for the farmers who cultivate them, more sustainable for the planet, and better for you.

While the journey has taken many turns, our mission has remained the same.  We continue to aspire to reach an expanding audience of people who feel the same way we do about quality ingredients.  Hiball’s line of sparkling energy waters continue to drive the company forward.  As #1 natural/organic energy drink brand in the USA, Hiball has evolved to include an array of products: Organic Energy Drinks and Alta Palla (Italian for “Hiball”) a line of refreshing Organic Sparkling Juices and Sparkling waters, without any energy.